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EcoCharge ECO970 - Three Phase Battery Chargers

The EcoCharge® ECO970 three phase chargers are an efficient, flexible, compact and feature rich series of modular battery chargers. They suit a wide variety of industrial charging applications, including materials handling, ground support and automated vehicles. 


Models are available from 200 to 600VAC three phase AC supplies, covering any common voltage found worldwide.

When used with batteries fitted with an EcoCharge BMM-BT or a CAN-BUS communicating BMS (or a mixture of both) the ECO970 charger can appropriately charge a mixture of batteries without operator input.

  • Carries global set of compliance marks, including UL, cUL, FCC, IC, CE, UKCA, RCM and Giteki.

  • Flexible and expandable power, with multiple cabinet models with a module count to suit the application.

  • Multiple models to cover a range of applications, each with a different maximum output power.

  • Proven reliability

All EcoCharge chargers have high energy efficiency, resulting in lower electricity costs and reduced carbon emissions. 

Use the calculator tool to see how much you can save on your three phase Motive charging energy costs

For Single Phase efficiency - check out the
single phase calculator here.

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EcoCharge Three Phase Charger Range

EcoCharge Three Phase Charger Specifications 

Charger Cabinet Specifications

EcoCharge Three Phase Charger Cabinet Specs.PNG

Charger Module AC Input Parameters

EcoCharge Three Phase Charger Module AC Input Parameters.PNG

Charger Module DC Output Parameters

EcoCharge Charger Module DC Output Parameters


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