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Demand Response Management

Demand Response Management (DRM) is a licensed feature that can be added to EcoCharge® ECO973 Three Phase and ECO971 Single Phase Chargers.  It allows the chargers to coordinate with each other over a network to limit the power they use.

DRM Benefits

  • If you have limited AC infrastructure – maximize productivity while not exceeding supply capacity.

  • Reduce Peak load tariff – shift consumption to minimize peak loads and reduce costs.

  • Spot pricing – shift consumption to times with pricing advantages.

  • Utility DRM programs – respond to signals provided by a utility supplied device for financial reward.

A DRM group is created by configuring one charger as the group controller. Either grouped by Wi-Fi or Ethernet

For each group an event Trigger is set that causes the DRM system to respond

  • Fixed – a fixed energy consumption limit is set for the group. 

  • Time variable – as for a fixed limit, but this limit can vary by time of and day of week.

  • External input – as for a fixed limit, but these limits are only acted upon when the limit’s corresponding IO expansion board input is active.

(DRM) Demand Response Management

Each response results in an outcome. There are possible two outcomes:

  • Battery Change – An optimized method to get batteries ready to return to service.

  • Opportunity – An optimized method to return charge to batteries at high risk of reaching full depth of discharge during service.


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