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EcoCharge Charger Accessories

A range of accessories are available to enhance to operation of the site and the user experience when using the EcoCharge® ECO970 Single Phase and ECO973 Three Phase Chargers. A charger must be equipped with an IO expansion board to be used with these accessories.  An IO board can support up to two accessories, and each charger can be fitted with up to two expansion boards.

Tower Light





Allows the charger's status to be seen from a distance in all directions. Best for applications where the charger has space above it, such as when mounted on a stand in a part and charge bay.

Dome Light 









Similar to the Tower light but more compact. Best for applications where the charger is mounted in a rack and maybe some distance from the battery it charges.


Remote Control 






Useful in situations when the charger is out of the operator’s reach.  It indicates a charger’s status as well as allowing a charge to be stopped, and equalize set or the charger to be identified.

Battetry Charger Towerlight
Ecocharge Charger Dome Light
EcocCharge Charge Remote Control


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