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EcoCharge Battery Monitoring


The BMM range of battery modules allow the condition of your battery fleet to be closely monitored. With a rugged construction, they are suitable for the tough environment found on or near batteries. 

The latest BMM (V3) modules now features:


  • Detachable wiring harness – the section of the wiring harness that connects to the battery is detachable. This allows the harness to be easily replaced if affected by wear and tear after many installations.

  • Hard case - the BMM and its accessories are supplied in a hard case with a customized foam insert for convenient shipping to sites where surveys are to take place.

  • Combined Electrolyte and Temperature Sensor - with simple installation.

  • Insulation Piercing Connectors - The battery positive, negative and midpoint wires are terminated in insulation piecing connectors. These pierce through the insulation of the battery cable and into the copper strands inside, providing a robust and convenient electrical connection.

  • Improved Logging and Timekeeping - The BMM V3 includes a battery backed real time clock. This allows the BMM to keep its time when disconnected from a host battery. It also supports the use of time zones.

Battery Monitoring Module | BMM-BT3

The BMM-BT3 monitors your fleet and enables features like chaos charging, detailed logging measurement based temperature and voltage drop compensation.

Monitor and Optimize your Charger Batteries

EcoCharge BMM-BT3 - Battery Monitoring Module

Battery Power Tracker | BPT-BT3

Optimized for undertaking power surveys to assess how a site is operating. Designed for temporary installations to conduct power studies.

Detachable wiring loom, with options that include electrolyte and temperature sensing, battery voltage and current only, or an AC supply for office use.

Packaged in robust carry case with accessories for easy and secure shipping to power study sites.

EcoCharge BPT-BT3 - Battery Monitoring Module


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