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EcoCharge Explainers - What is CAN-BUS Controlled Charging?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

The Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) is a vehicle bus standard that allows the charger to communicate with other chargers and batteries without a central computer system.

EcoCharge ECO973 3 Phase Charger
EcoCharge ECO973 3 Phase Charger

Lithium ion batteries can usually be charged at a high rate up to a high state of charge, often 80% to 90%. The point at which the charging needs to be reduced ideally takes into account the voltage and temperature of each cell in the battery. The BMS (battery management system) of the battery has this information.

CAN bus controlled charging allows the BMS to provide charging instructions to the charger over CAN (controller area network) bus. This allows the charge to remain at a high rate for as long as possible every charge, even as the characteristics of the battery changes as it ages. This avoids the risk of charges being interrupted by the BMS to protect against cell being overcharged or overheated.

The EcoCharge ECO970 charger supports CAN bus charging with many battery manufacturer’s products, using both CAN Open and proprietary CAN bus protocols . To see which batteries an EcoCharge charger can perform CAN bus controlled charges with in your area please contact us today.

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