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Industrial Battery Charger Selection - Checklist

Choosing the right charger for your forklift or industrial charging is crucial for ensuring smooth operations. Having an adequately charged battery is essential to meet the demands of your company's production schedule, both at the start of each work shift and throughout the day.

OEM Supplier Selection and Technical Support

Choosing a reputable OEM vendor or partner is critical to your fleet operation. Ensure they provide adequate and timely technical support - both online and in person so that support is readily available in case of any issues. Design and Usage

Can the workforce easily install, move and operate the charger? Pay attention to the design, weight and output cables. The output cables that connect the charger to the forklift are usually supplied with the forklift battery charger. However, they may not be long enough to suit the location of the charger in relation to the location of the forklift during battery charging. It is important to house the charger and its output cables off the ground to prevent damage by the forklift.

Cost Today and Total Cost of Ownership

Determine the total cost of the charger. Most forklift battery chargers are sold without the cables that connect the charger to an electrical supply. The cost of these cables and the cost to have an electrician connect the charger should be considered. The overall charger efficiency and reliability has a big impact on your overall cost of ownership.

Battery Temperature

Look for a charger that monitors battery temperature and adjusts the charge rate when the temperature falls outside of the normal operating range. High battery temperatures will have a direct impact on the life of a forklift battery.


Confirm the charger is compatible. It should match the connector on the battery and its forklift.

Output Voltage

Match the output voltage of the charger to the voltage of the battery and the forklift’s electrical system. This will avoid battery damage. Scale Check your vendor has a good supply chain to meet your demands for cables, modules, boards and charger stock.

Forklift Charger Adjustments

Match the charger to the forklift battery to prevent irreversible damage to the battery. When replacing a forklift battery for your current forklift, confirm the battery technician adjusts the charger to match the characteristics of the replacement battery. Skipping this step will likely shorten the life of the battery and/or limit the charge that can be extracted due to chronic under- or overcharging. To find out more on the EcoCharge range visit or email us at


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