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EcoCharge® A Well Handled Charger.

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

If you're a distributor or a charger installer there are important factors to consider to protect not only the charger and battery banks, but also the operatives and workers in the environment during use. Not subjecting the charger to unusual high temperatures and high humidity is paramount, as well as positioning it so it cannot be bumped, knocked or nudged from forklifts. Anchoring and elevating the charger is a good idea so it's out of the way and easy to use. Not so obvious however, is the benefits the handle serves other than handling...

Charger Protection The EcoCharge patented handle ensures a safe amount of spacing is preserved to adjacent walls or chargers. That helps protects the charger from knocks and damage during installation and use. Cables are connected to the charger underneath the handle and benefit from its protection. Airflow for Cooling The angled panel design over the airflow point acts as a barrier protection to falling matter while ensuring that there is ample airflow for the charger. Prevention from Dust and Liquids The handle mounts right on top of chassis venting holes which prevent dust and liquid ingression The handle is designed to guide any water flows (spills or accumulated) to the outside of the chassis and away from the airflow point. EcoCharge® Patented Uniqueness The handle is unique as it protects the air flow point on a charger. We had to manage the conflicting design requirements of maintaining airflow while providing barrier protection to increase ingress. To learn more about the single and three phase chargers as well as the battery monitoring modules visit or contact us today.


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